ASK LUCY: Where do all the hot bike riders hang?


Dear Lucy, 

I am forever seeing hot guys on bikes. Where do they hang out? Because I want one.



Hey Isabella –

This is a tricky one, because in summer everyone rides a bike. So it’s a bit like saying – where do all the good looking people on the train in winter hang out, when they are not riding the train? Get my drift? I’m going to take this we are talking dudes with nice bikes, who know how to do that skidding thing to stop and will often ride casually with no hands on long stretches of road.

I temporarily sucked face with one of those good looking bike guys and the sad thing is when I think back to that period in my Berlin existence, I don’t even feel like he was hanging out anywhere very special/ unique/ FOUND YOU, AHA… you know?

The thing about babes on bikes is they like being on two whells and they like the outdoors. During periods of weather like we are experiencing now you aren’t finding this category of dude in a sultry/ sexy bar to match their face. Below are my top picks of destinations to track.


You want a babe on a bike? Get on your bike, babe and roam the streets. Don’t go buy a fixed gear bike, one of those flippy hats and try to join a bike gang – that’s excessive. But grab your funny dutch bike, and go for a cycle. The biggest query on this is: how you go about making conversation? From experience guys that cycle aren’t much for making small talk at traffic lights, and they also probably won’t think it’s cute if you almost have a head on collision with them. If you have a particularly rusty bike that can fail on cue, I would try losing your chain and hailing someone down to help you.

It may not be the most independent woman thing to do this 2015 – but short of riding into a vehicle which is crossing into the bike lane, that’s all I’ve got.


The common theme with babes that ride bikes is that they like to be free. You aren’t going to find these tall drinks of water in places like Berghain; it’s dark and once you are in you don’t leave for hours, largely because how do you even find your way out, that place is confusing but secondly cover is just too bananas to warrant a multi-club adventure of freedom. You’re top watering holes are the following:

  1. the canals
  2. a vibey späti
  3. low key biergarten.

The main themes: a casual atmosphere which is outside with moderately priced alcohol.


Babes on bikes are being babes on bikes in summer. They are with their friends hitting one of the many parks in Berlin, venturing to one of the outer-ring lakes and generally being carefree individuals. So.. wait? In winter, the babes on bikes might still be riding and you will be able to track them more easily with all their bikes casually parked out the front of the bars of Berlin. Bit stalker’ish, but it should work.

On the flip – wait for winter, when everyone starts to catch trains and are desperately seeking that part-time winter number we chat about annually. It is much easier to get up in someone’s space and make casual conversation on the u-Bahn.

Love Lucy

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