ASK LUCY: The winter is coming, and depression sets in.


Dear Lucy,

It’s September. And as it stands I’m feeling pretty down about this. The thing is, when it’s summer life is amazing; I don’t care that I’m single, drinking too much and generally pissing my money up a wall – the weather is nice, I can ride my bike, sit on a canal and entertain 70¢ beer until 4 in the morning when the sun comes up.

But now – the winter is coming, my days will be spent inside, my body will be covered with so many clothes I almost forget what I look like and if I don’t find a winter boyfriend soon – I’m certain I will slump into depression/ get fat from lack of exercise.

Help me feel good about winter, because at this stage I’m thinking relocating to Australia is a really good idea.

Love Manon

Hey Manon,

Ughhhh – the winter is coming and I legitimately carry all the same fears as you – we would probably be very good friends. I’ve only (just) survived one winter in Berlin and I too am shitting myself about round two. It’s not that last year was that bad, I mean Germans love to exaggerate. Did you know according to Germans:

  • it got to -20’C last winter (it didn’t),
  • it was -17’C for WEEKS (it wasn’t)
  • These wicked cold temperatures generally last for over 6 months (they really don’t.)

Yes – I understand this last winter was longer than usual, but it didn’t really get that cold until February, which is a pretty late onset Winter if you ask me… And yes, I understand it does occasionally get to -17’C but not when we are awake. ANDDDDD if you are awake you are probably at the club with Bron.

The thing with winter is you can only look at the positives when you live in the real worlds version of Game of Thrones (Berlin/ Europe in general) – here is what you have to plan for/ get around.

Hot wine – That’s happening in about 1.5 months.  Hot wine is just about the best thing to happen to me in the last year. Go out on a limb, and add some dried fruit and (toasted) shaved almonds to your mix. It is Christmas in a cup.

Autumn clothes – Everyone looks amazing in Autumn. As much as I love hot weather, Autumn has the best clothes and people on a whole have a greater potential to look their absolute dreamiest. They aren’t squeezing their over-sized thighs into shorts, or inappropriate singlet tops. They are donning jeans, a wonderfully cosy knit and scarves – big delicious scarves. Dudes look more hugable than usual and femmes channel cosy chic like pros.

Christmas markets – Nothing screams the winter season like a Christmas market. Although my feet always get so cold they become sore, and I spend far too much money on Bratwurst – this is one of the most magical things about the colder months. Perhaps not as magical if you are used to winter and Christmas being synonymous – but snow and the twinkling lights are like the most surreal, out-of-body “CAN YOU BELIEVE YOU LIVE IN BERLIN!?” experience for me.

Slothful behaviour – As much as I like to get out and about, in winter you can stay home and the weather is a perfectly fine excuse. In summer if someone says they aren’t doing something because it’s “too hot” you can mostly judge them for being an entirely shit human. But in winter? Negative temperatures are no joke – staying home, watching a movie and eating your feelings is perfectly acceptable.

Skiing vacations – At one point this winter you are going to get sad because you haven’t seen the sun in a while. I’ve worked out that the best way to combat this is to head to the Alps. IT IS ALWAYS SUNNY IN THE ALPS. Sure, heading to Thailand would be ideal too – but that is far away and expensive to get to. The Alps are 2 hours by plane, there is skiing, good looking athletic dudes and a drinking culture like no other. A skiing holiday diversifies you – BOOM, you are interesting/ adventurous. Be a better you.

Sadly, I can’t help you with the dude situation. I find myself in the very same position as you: actively looking for a Winter themed boyfriend. The good news is it seems dudes are also looking for a Winter themed girlfriend, so hopefully the stars align.

If all this fails? I wouldn’t rule out relocating back to Australia in 2014, come with?

Love Lucy


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