ASK LUCY: Moving to Berlin – schön idea?


Ask Lucy !Hi Lucy,

Should I move to Berlin????

Thanks in advance,


Dear Jonathan,

Let’s be (Anne) frank for a minute. I cannot advise you as to whether you should move to Berlin. But let’s reel off a quick check list, and you can mostly decide for yourself…

  1. Do you like techno?
  2. Are you comfortable taking your shoes off when entering the house?
  3. Do you opt to listen to the radio when showering?
  4. Does the idea of rent running at around 350€ make you happy?
  5. Could you think of nothing better than eating cake on a Sunday?
  6. Are you comfortable with the idea of being mostly housebound on a Sunday?
  7. Do you appreciate clunky shoes, and puffy down styled jackets?
  8. Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? (Because here in Germany, the winter is perpetually coming)

If you answer yes to at LEAST one (1) of those questions – Welcome to Berlin.

Love Lucy

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