ASK LUCY: Long weekends are coming, and I have no idea what I’m doing


I’ve realised easter is in 3 weeks. Where do I go?



P.S. I’m in Berlin, that’s a good starting point.

Hey Fred (Easter’s in 2 weeks now, sorry for the delay) –

Long weekends are a thing. I’ve only just started sorting my life out to plan with them as previously I’d take my holidays rogue and then get a nicely passive email at towards the end of the year that I had no more holiday days.. Cool.

I think there are a few ways to manage long weekends so you make the most out of living in Europe – because God only knows we won’t be here forever. Or maybe you will, but I don’t think I will.




Check Skyscanner with an open location. Berlin to Wherever, it’s going to then send you back the cheapest to most expensive flight options. This Easter I’m off to Rotterdam to stay at the nhow Rotterdam; I largely made this decision because the flight was a total of ~50€ return. The other week I went to Milan and it cost me 40€ return. Often I see flights to Denmark for 30€. We are in Europe, the world is your oyster. Pick a city you have never been, with a reasonable flight and go. You actually have nothing to lose, but money.. On an adventure.

Some of the coolest and cheaper destinations for Easter, as of right this second:

  • Brussels 105€ – the good thing about Belgium is that it’s so small, you could get a car and see it all.
  • Moscow (!) 167€  – please be aware, you probably need a visa.
  • Paris 132€ – for me, Paris is a bit “been there done that bought the tshirt” but it’s still bloody romantic.
  • Riga 185€ – So-fucking-cool. All these Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania countries are rad.
  • Milan 147€ – FOOD.

Realistically, they aren’t that cheap. So…




Cologne is bloody ugly, but marvellous. The people are lovely, the vibe nice, the Dom is magnificent – and I think as the weather heats up, it’ll get better and better. Düsseldorf is also a stones throw from Cologne (30m by train), and not that it’s a particularly exciting German city – but Düsseldorf does have some fucking great Japanese food, which I would recommend traveling for.

Other good German cities? Munich is supposed to be nice in summer, I went in Winter and it was dreary-as. Hamburg is always marvellous, a little stuffy at times but for a 3 day adventure it’s perfect.

Direct flights to Cologne for Easter are running at 83€. Or….get the train around Germany. The train (if timed correctly) can be a bloody cheap option for all the cities listed.


Fancy weekender with mates?


What I miss about Australia is weekends away to big houses in the middle of nowhere. I didn’t think it was possible in Germany, because I’d never really seen it – but it is, you just need to know where to look.

WEEKENDER TRIPS (NEAR BERLIN) – I started a pinterest board for this. But if you want to go rogue, Urlaubs Architektur is quite an OK place to start.

ALPINE HUTS (DOWN SOUTH) – this is probably going to be a week-trip, but worth a shoutout because the Alpine regions are insane. I’m not sure if there is a one stop shop for this, but some of the sites I found were Salzburgerland and Ischgl (this one looks a bit slick, but it allows you to change the site into English, which is less of a headache).

Best bet is to do a bit of Googling, I mostly found places that fit up to 12 for 800€ a week, which between 12 feels like pocket change.. But then you need 12 friends, so that could be problematic.

lucy berlin-teuf



Honestly, when you are in Berlin – do you ever do anything touristy/ cool? I don’t. I think the coolest thing I’ve done is head to Teufelsberg. There is so much stuff to do, so maybe just stay here – treat yourself with a cool hotel experience (considering you are saving on the travelling abroad/ out of town aspect) and map out a weekend of adventure. A couple of things that are on my Berlin to-do list are:

Dong Xuan Centre – All the things. Plants, flavours, culture fun. Only a short train ride away.
Thai Park Sundays – Asian flavours in my face ! And maybe have a mojito, would be rude not to. This one is a short BIKE RIDE away.
Vogelsang’s Gymnasium – Abandoned gym. Cool, spooky, explorer type shit. TAKE YOUR BIKE, feel alive.

There are more of these cool “stay in Berlin” type activities, but I think the fun thing is finding them yourself :-*

Good luck to you?

Love Lucy

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