ASK LUCY: I’m not picky, but where the Danish dudes at?


Dear Lucy,

I was recently in Copenhagen and recognized all those handsome and good looking guys. I felt like “This is it, like heaven.” Do you know what i mean? The actual purple heaven scenario.

The best/ worst thing about it was even when i looked at those very gorgeous and smartly dressed people, they kindly looked back at me and smiled. one of them came to me and started a super normal and nice talk like this was the most normal thing in the world.

Unfortunately there happens to be this situation that i live in Berlin and can’t hang out in Copenhagen all the time. So here is my question: Lucy, where can i meet Danish guys in Berlin?


Hey mate,
This is a pickle you have yourself in, for sure – and I totally sympathise. Since the very first time I visited Copenhagen, I wanted to move there and procreate with Danes – to the point, there I actually considered learning Danish – and just going for it. Instead I moved to Germany. Figure that.

Understandably – I’m flighty by nature, having called home to 4 different cities in the last 5 years – but I do totally get it… You need to find the dudes of Denmark in Berlin. And here is the thing – I don’t have much wisdom. I mean I have a handful of ideas where you can make the magic happen – and of course I will share them with you. But I also have alternate routes – that are possibly equally as appealing.

Go to Nordic by Nature events: yeah yeah yeah – these femmes are themed “Nordic” – which I understand is not explicitly Danish (I’m not that ignorant), but it’s really not a bad place to the start. There aren’t many people repp’ing the Nordic regions, so when events are exclusively Scandinavian – it’d be weird not to celebrate your brothers from another mother. I think maybe if you wanted to get around other Scandinavian races you would have suggested you where searching for the modern day vikings of Berlin, and then ding ding ding – I think we have it. But you didn’t, so – use this as a base, and we go on.

Open Airs: This isn’t exclusively Danish either, I mean there are going to be Spaniards, for sure Italians, and likely a lot of Germans not bumping and grinding to techno – but people of the Nordic regions love the sunshine and a surprising fact for me – they like to party. Like – even when it’s cold, as long as the sun shows its face – life is killing it. This concept doesn’t make much sense to me as an Australian – I like the warmth, as well as the over all sun vibes; but introduce summer, a couple of open airs, beers, and the excuse to hang out with mates – the Great Danes are there.

Move within 1km of Boddinstraße: Every time I head to the Boddinstr. U-Bahn area of Berlin, I am confronted by 1 of two things.

  1. Drug dealers
  2. Scandinavian people

I cannot guarantee the Nordics of this area are exclusively Danish – I mostly never ask as I would take any variety of modern day Viking with very little question. But my vibe is they live here. So move there – and kaffee your face off. Talk to clear skinned, well dressed, button nosed men at the counter – and hope for the best.

Head to the nice/ cool areas of Berlin, for drinking: The real emphasis on this is that the area needs to be nice AND cool. The vibe I get from Danish people is they don’t mind slumming it in Neukölln casually, but they like to get around a cocktail with all the pretty people. The pretty, well dressed people, who enjoy life with little limitations in Berlin – they are found in Mitte. Thing here – we are focusing on the good people of Denmark, and not to generalise (but I’m going to) – Danes have a pretty sweet support system from their government; they likely live in Berlin with some sort of study/ unemployment/ “you moved overseas? how ambitious” hand out. Which is more money than us “I earn Berlin money” people can poke a stick at. Do they look bothered about expensive cocktails? Probably not.

For the immediate, I wanna find a Dane to call my own, and I want to find one now – this Friday Nordic by Nature is bring Midsommar to Berlin, for free. You should get there – and simply have a punt. If you in fact turn your nose up at this – you simply cannot be helped.

Love Lucy

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