ASK LUCY: I’m new to Berlin, where do I get my hair did?


Hallo Lucy,

I am newish to Berlin and in desperate need of a hair cut. Any salons or hairdressers that you recommend? Preferably one who speaks English so I don’t mistakenly ask for a bowl cut. Mein Deutsch ist nicht gut.



Hey Kaitlyn,

This is a very good question. I’m not sure where you come from, but where I come from hair appointments cost a fortune – so when I first moved here I had a rather high thresh hold for the cost of a hair appointment. The thing about that, in Berlin this doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting the best deal.

These are my top 4 hair places in Berlin, in no particular order.

Andy is the best. I’m not saying this like the “he is better than every other stylist STOP READING THIS LIST” best, but more like – I like him a lot and I wish I needed my hair cut more often so we’d hang out. Coolest thing about Andy (apart from the bit about him being a likeable guy) is that he comes to you. How it works is, you call or message him (on facebook) saying “Hey Andy, I live in Neukölln and really need my haircut – are you available this Saturday?” And he says things like “Yeah sure, meet you at yours.” 

The sad thing I just found out is that he doesn’t really take on so many new clients, but if you drop names (like mine: Lucy) – you’re in like Flynn. You’re welcome.

CONTACT – via the DEAD ENDS – Berlin Facebook Page
PRIC€: 20-25€ depending on your location

I have been told to go to Linnea since forever. Really – and not even from the same person who happens to a be a mutual friend, but from absolute randoms giving me tips while I have been on this quest to find the perfect stylist in the the city. In a former life you found Linnea stationed out of the Basement however now she works out of her flat by Treptower Park; she is also not opposed to the Roving Stylist movement (like previously mentioned Dead Ends) but that’s more of a time vs. location question.

She has you covered for colour, cut and all the party vibed advise you can stomach for in and around Berlin.

CONTACT – via the Linnea Palmestål Stylist Facebook page
PRIC€: 20-25-30€ depending on length etc. / also does colour, but requires a consultation.

I find the routine at Haarwerkstatt bloody remarkable. How it works:

  1. take a ticket
  2. wait
  3. number gets called for hair wash
  4. wait
  5. number gets called for cut
  6. go to styling bar & style your own hair

No frills, no fuss, no hefty price tag. If you aren’t super precious about your hair, have some sort of ownership of the German language (or a German friend you can bring mit – thanks Fanni !) and are cool with changing up your stylist from month to month – THIS IS YOUR PLACE.

Don’t venture here if you only have 1 hour allocated for a cut, it can be busy and this taking a number business can leave you waiting around for some time.

CONTACT – you can’t make a booking, why would you bother calling?
PRIC€:~17€ for a haircut / ~45€ for colour

My dear Viktor. The French pocket rocket. I only just got turned on to Viktor in the last year, as I was desperate to get my hair coloured and was craving the salon experience. You know – where you walk in/ out looking like a BEFORE/ AFTER shot and immediately want a fancy cocktail in a smokey bar with many potential part time boyfriends to glamour with your wit/ charm/ new hair.

For the up-market salon experience it’s not so exxy, considering the approx 50€ price point (depending on length of hair) includes a blow dry and the company of Viktor – who to say the least has lived Berlin.

CONTACT – Mitte: 030 27 90 84 87 | Kreuzberg: 030 60 03 15 62
PRIC€: ~50€ for a haircut / ~90€ for colour


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