ASK LUCY: I’m bored with my hair, what happens now?


Ask Lucy !LJ,

I need a change of hair style. Saw Charlotte Free with her uber sexy pink hair and wondered “could i pull that off?” What do you think?

Love your mate,


Dear Sarah,

I am always bored with my locks and I actually have rather epic locks – my hair is curly, semi blond, semi brown, sometimes straight – it’s like the perfect outcome for someone with a split personality…. But I still get bored.

To be fair, I don’t think dying my hair pink would solve my problems. I can totally vibe what you are putting down RE: Charlotte Free – but consider this.. She-is-a-model. She would look ideal with mullet. I mean – that’s just science.

If you are finding that you want to do something wild to you hair, but you can’t quiet work that shit out yet – here’s some things to consider.

COST – I always think platinum blond is a good idea, and then I really consider it – and it’s like.. That’s gotta cost a fair bit of coin to maintain., right? As much as we should all live like we only get one go at it; you want to live – rather than just have cool looking hair, and have to eat only cabbage for all your days. That said – you’d probably be really skinny with expensive hair, so it depends on what living is to you.

THINK ABOUT YOUR FACE – if you have a fat face, I’m gonna tell you something for nothing – blunt hair is going to look terrible on you. And I get that it’s super styley to have this long bobs, but shit doesn’t suit everyone, you know? You really want to think about whether these hair do’s will actually suit you. Like – I really want to go strawberry blonde, but I don’t have skin like Nicole Kidman so I will look I left the hairdresser with the slightly wrong colour. I can’t do it.

Charlotte Free can own pink hair, because she has a delicious fair complexion. She doesn’t look like she needs to be in the sun more – she is just white, rather than grey (which is the the colour people who can tan go in the winter).

GET ON PINTEREST – I didn’t really jump on the Pinterest bandwagon until recently, and to be honest – I’m still not really on it. But I reckon it’s an IDEAL way to keep track of things you like – and to have access to other peoples wants. There are some pretty bored people out there, who just pin shit all day. These people have lists upon lists upon lists of things – dresses, shoes, cute puppies, recipes.. It’s endless. So before you jump on the Charlotte Free pink hair bandwagon, maybe start sussing out your options. Because you have tons.

GO OMBRÉ – OK, so I think ombré hair that is totally two tone is yuk, like you know white blond at the bottom dark brown at the roots – reminds me of people with no class. BUT – if you were to do a less harsh version of this, you could get away with dying the ends different non-permanent colours (think blue, pink, purple etc.) – this might satisfy your “I want cool coloured hair” urges, without having to go completely wild/ expensive at the hair dresser.

That’s officially all I have. And if I’m really honest – hair is hair, mate. It will grow back (this is a fact, unless you are a balding dude – it might not then.) So really, do whatever you want. Just don’t do it because you think you will look like Charlotte Free. No one will.

Love Lucy

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