ASK LUCY: I’m 90/10 sarcastic, should I be more mainstream?


Hey Lucy & Co,

I have a question!

I am really sarcastic. I’d say I consist of 90% sarcasm. I don’t know what the other 10% is, but I’d say that’s a fair calculation. And I struggle to meet people who get it. Should I tone it down in order to get on with more people or should I just continue “insulting” them?

Many thanks,


Adelaide –

WE WOULD BE FRIENDS. I offend everyone. I don’t mean to – but fuck:

1. get a sense of humor.
2. stop taking everything so seriously.

The thing you have to remember is, people are unimaginative. Interesting people shouldn’t tone down just to fit in with the mediocre – this is just science. Unless you YELL THINGS ALL THE TIME, then you should probably tone yourself down/ lower your voice – but in this vein – continue to be yourself.

If you tone it down to get more friends, find a nice boyfriend or whatever your motivation may be – what will happen next is you will find yourself surrounded by beige humans. Do you want to be surrounded by beige humans – I certainly do not. The only time beige friends are appropriate is when you move to a new country/ city and just need people. Loneliness by geographical isolation is no fucking joke – so if this is your motivation, fine. Otherwise – ain’t nobody got time for that.

If people don’t understand you are being funny 90% of the time, I think this is on them, and their shit personality. I insult Germans every day of their lives, I can’t even help it – I mean, I think it’s more or less on them because I just point things out, and then boom offended. But my view is, if you can’t be cool with cultural observations then don’t be friends with me. If you can’t laugh at yourself or your own kind then I don’t want to be friends with you, because you will indirectly make my life difficult as I will be forced to censor myself. I am not censoring myself. I’m fucking wonderful.

To be honest – you probably need to reconsider where you are meeting people. If you find that they are consistently not getting it – stop, pivot and try something new. I sometimes think that I might meet interesting people at fashion events – I don’t. These are not my people. I would like for fashun people to be my people because they are generally good looking, and I like to surround myself with nice looking humans – but they don’t get me, we don’t match. So maybe stop with the shitty bars and predictable pop up events, and try something totally new. Go to blog meet ups (ugh, that came out my mouth), organise coffee with with people you never see but think are cool – grab the bull by the proverbial horns !.. It’s super not Berlin to try, but sometimes you need to aggressively curate your own life.

Adelaide, you need to remember you are wonderful, and if sarcasm is 90% of your personality then that is you, and you shouldn’t change that just to appease people. If you like to chop people up and keep them in the fridge, then you should change – because this is against the LAW. But, if it’s something clever like sarcasm (because sarcasm is clever, don’t let anyone persuade you differently) don’t edit yourself. Fuck the noise, be yourself.

Love Lucy

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