ASK LUCY: I think I’m going long distance… Good idea?


This week we are once again mixing it up, and getting our answers from our dear friends over at Treefight for Sunlight. After about 2 years of lying low, writing music, and generally getting zen with themselves – these delicious creatures out of Denmark are getting back on our airwaves in 2014, and we are excited.

So excited – that they are doing our weekly task of Ask Lucy ! (Thanks guys). They did their first show in ages at Spot Festival last week, and this is their very appearance onto this little thing we call Lucy vs. the Globe. Coincidence? Probably not.

You will find their latest track Somewhere in the Future below and the answer to the age old question about long distances relationships, and their worth.

Tap that thing.

Dear Treefight for Sunlight,

My girlfriend is moving to Denmark and I am not. I don’t really know how I feel about “long distance” because does that ever work – not really.

But I really like my girlfriend, and maybe I could also move to Denmark and we would be happily ever after? I don’t speak Danish, I don’t have much money saved – but I also have a pretty beige job, that I could take or leave.

Got any advice?


Hey Henry!

Well, that is quite the pickle!  It all depends on the specifics of the situation of course.. The long distance is always a toughie, because you lose that intensity of communication and that absence can feel downright masochistic sometimes.

I’ve just been through half a year of the long distance and somehow it was all about setting each other free. Don’t expect each other to provide the same level of intimacy and attention over skype or whatever means of communication you might use. It is impossible.

One thing that is very important is to have your feelings about each other straightened out. You should know in advance what you expect from one another in the given period and what you have to look forward to, together.

If she’s moving here indefinitely and you’re feeling beige about your job, Go with her, there are always other jobs and people to exchange thoughts with (Danes are generally good at English).

Just figure out how important the things that might hold you back from going actually are, and compare it to what might happen if the long distance doesn’t work… then you’ll just have the beige job;)

Love is a choice – Go make it!


Treefight for Sunlight



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