ASK LUCY: I don’t like 100% hipster but I like an after work drink in Berlin.


Ask Lucy ! Hey Lucy!

Long time listener, first time caller (or something like that)…

So I to travel to Berlin for work sometimes and we always end up in really weird and not so comfortable bars.
Because we seem to be some kind of the same folk (although I don’t get the hipster indie stuff that well).

I would like to ask you where we can go for a laid-back, yet fun “after-work” drink on a Friday?…Where can I get a good Gin and Tonic?



Hey Bryan –
I need to be 100% honest with you here – I mostly go to shitty hole in the wall bars or venues. And the good bars I go to – I forget  because they’re either:

a. Named in German, which is still pretty foreign to me.
b. In a really confusing German street name, which I have trouble pronouncing – which leads to difficulties in remembering.
c. I was drunk at the time.
d. All of the above.

However I hit up Twitter and here are the list of bars that my friends who like to drink, and drink well recommend. I have been to 2 out of 5, I think.

LUGOSI – Everyone seemed to agree on this establishment. I have never been. I’m thinking I should (Bron, wanna?)

GEIST IM GLAS – This is a Expat staple. they have the most delicious “spicy” whisky here. I don’t even really like whisky, but this number I can get firmly around. It is also quite nice heading to the Neukölln/ Kreuzberg area because it offers some nice light and shade to business Berlin. ALSO – Gel Gör is just down the road, and that place is the TITS for after drinking snacks.

BRUT – Serves Franco-German food AND drinks. So I can imagine this one would hit the spot on a Friday when you are hungry AND thirsty, but want to tackle something a bit more upscale than simply grabbing a döner and sitting at a späti with a big beer.

REDWOOD – This one is new. I have been here. I went on a Saturday, and to be honest there wasn’t much of a vibe – however, I was up the back of the bar. I can imagine if you were in the front of the bar, getting among it all on a Friday this place would be full of nice people, who like good drinks.

HERMAN – If you like beer, this is your haven. Located in Mitte, it has all sorts of wanky hoppy numbers, labels with monks on them. This is a spot for any good beer enthusiast.

DAS GIFT – Another Neukölln staple for me. It’s not fancy (I’m not very fancy), but the drinks are cheap, the music is generally pretty good and they have a room for smoking, and a room for non-smoking… BLISS!

THE BLACK LODGE – This place does the BEST espresso martinis. UGH, I could just about die. I honestly don’t go often enough. Oh wait, I think it’s shut down.. I’m mourning, right now.

KATZ ORANGE – this is mostly a restaurant, and it’s not cheap – but their cocktails are fucking NEXT LEVEL and the crowd is seriously good looking. If you can expense this shit as a team building activity, I would for-sure head here for dinner and drinks, or just drinks and chips at the bar….Have I said how good looking the crowd is?

At this stage – that is all I have. Maybe the people who actually read this blog have better suggestions and want to add them (in the comments, if it so moves you). Maybe we are all as useless as each other – likely.. Good luck Bryan!

Love Lucy

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