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Ask Lucy !Dear Lucy,

So my question is, I have an ex that is trying to collect on a medical bill that they helped me pay when we were together.

Is there a statute of limitations for when this type of request can be made?

If it wasn’t important enough to collect on when we were together, and not important enough to collect on when we broke up, is it acceptable to expect to be able to collect on the bill years after it’s all over?

The end!

xoxo me

Dear me,

Mate.. I’m going to have to call you a name, because we can’t go through this calling you Me, it’s will get confusing. I hereby name you Heidy (the name of my mink scarf). OK – so Heidy. This is shit. No offense, but your ex sounds like a shady fucker – and frankly you are lucky to have removed yourself from the situation while you could. Not that that was your question, but I will give you my two cents on it anyway.

So – I’m really not a legal master mind, and if I were – I probably should have studied Law and earned some real money since finishing school. Things I didn’t do – that (#whomp). But what I have done – is watch countless episodes of Judge Judy, and here are a few things I learned (I mostly googled these).

  1. If nothing was written down about you owing him money – it’s a bit he said/ she said, and that gets murky.
  2. If it wasn’t written down, BUT it’s also not really a murky situation and it was agreed you owe old mate the money – IF it has been 2 years after the fact, you are off the hook, scott free.
  3. If it was written down, if you drafted up a cute little document Heidy owes scummy ex $x – then you have 4 years, at which point that doc is null and void – in the State of California.

Not that I am a dodgy fucker – because I really am not, and if it were me I would probably just pay and be done with the whole fiasco, you know “Goodbye, it’s been real – I’ve delete you on Facebook, THE END.” – but the fact of the matter is, it would probably cost them more to sue you, than it would to collect on the medical bills. Unless it was like a lot of money – was it like A LOT of money? …Here is how I would play this.

Don’t pay them.

  • If it’s been past 2 years and you don’t have a written agrement – you don’t have to pay them (to my knowledge – clever lawyers in California, correct me if I’m wrong)
  • If it’s been past 4 years and you had a written agreement – you don’t have to pay them (again to my knowledge and correct me if I’m wrong, lawyers)
  • If they do in fact decide that suing you is a clever idea – I feel like you may as well let them, because won’t it be a bit like “You’re an idiot, you wasted $x on a lawyer, and here’s what I owe you, which doesn’t even bring you to breaking even.” …Right?

Can we just clarify again – I am not a lawyer.

Love Lucy

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