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Ask Lucy !So – it has been brought to my attention recently that I have stopped reporting on life, and all things culturally awkward. And let’s just be clear – it’s not because Germany isn’t culturally awkward – it is anything but! However it seems that the reports have dropped, and I’m not into it.

In an effort to continue to help you perform like ideal humans – I am opening up the site for Q&A. I’m not going to guarantee nuggets of truths once a week – because you might not be asking questions that often – but let it be known that every question will go answered, even if you are taking the piss.

There are two ways of getting at me:

  1. You can email
  2. On the Facebook page, there is an Ask Lucy! application, hit it. (This is future tense, it’s coming)

Questions I will accept – because as I said, I’m accepting them all – could be any of the following:

  • I want to relocate to a new country to get away from my boyfriend – good idea? (Answer: mostly, just don’t tell him where you are going.)
  • I broke up with my {insert person here} and I’m sad – how do I fix this? (Answer: suck face, regularly.)
  • I’ve been reading the stuff you write, and I’ve realised you are a moron – true or false.  (Answer: Mostly true.)

I look forward to hearing from you.. It feels weird, but I reckon I’m a good source to tell you how to operate your life better.

God knows I only just got a handle on mine.



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