Ashley Smith – Cali/Tex-Mex crossbreed.. GCF – say what?


Shut the front door – I feel like a total lesbian sometimes – with how much I adore todays femme-fatales. But I put it down to the fact that I simply appreciate great beauty. Ashley Smith – you would make any man melt – gay, straight, or indifferent.

As a side note: I read this article the other day, on the very superficial level (what I took from it was) – it was about teaching your kids not to objectify women, and how females are sort of doing it to themselves – by being liberated, and sort of sexually free, or dressing a sort of way – all in an effort to make the boys weak – they are really screwing themselves over. Which made me think – by me worshipppping these babes, am I aiding and abetting this? Am I part of the problem. Am I contributing to the next generations of Snooki’s..? I don’t think so – but it does scare me a bit..

Ashley Smith, I worship you, and I’m sorry if that destroys the next gen. but it’s the way I feel


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