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To be honest – Page is a shit hole. Leaving this town in the middle of nowhere Arizona – both the German and I deemed it so. However – the one reason for going to there is to visit Antelope Canyon.

Not nearly as remarkable as Monument Valley – our next stop on the great American road-trip – however Antelope Canyon was seriously wonderful. Comprising of 3 or 4 compartments, it is an underground marvel of washed red stone.

You can’t simply explore these canyons on your own, so you need to organise a tour, which feels super American, but a necessity. Overland Canyon Tours was our go-to tour company. They were wonderful. Super fun, didn’t totally rush us through, and kept it to really small groups – which made for a pretty personable experience.

There isn’t much more on this one. Go to Page, but don’t stick around to feel it’s local flavor, there isn’t very much (no offense residents of Page).

Lucy at the grand canyon


The Grand Canyon is insane. It’s vast beyond the imagination – however, to be brutally honest, after seeing Monument Valley which was unexpectedly beautiful/ AMAZING, the Grand Canyon which I had in my mind as being completely epic, just wasn’t.

There are arguments over which side is the most incredible – and perhaps we went to the wrong side?….the South side.

What I would recommend is spending a bit of time there. We only gave ourselves a day – which likely wasn’t enough. If I were to go back I would attempt a hike, or some camping and give it a good an proper explore.

Or perhaps I would spend more time in Monument Valley and still give the Grand Canyon a day.

** TIPS: If you are interested in hiking, you should check out the National Park Service website, with regards to day/ overnight hikes.

If you want a guided tour, get familiar with the Grand Canyon Field Institute. A “learning adventure” sounds a bit naff, but I’d prefer to be naff than dead at the bottom of the canyon somewhere.



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