Are chick flics getting worse?


Or is it just the fact I haven’t seen one since I was 16 and I’m calling bullshit.

I watched some movie with Jenny from the Block the other day – and found myself confused. Few points in the movie – and then the reality.

She meets a guy > he follows her from the meeting place (a taxi) to the subway, to the street >  she then see’s him again (completely random) >  it seems she didn’t like him the first time round > he uses some desperate pick up line, which she finds cute (?) > during this second encounter she seems totally obsession with him > he then stalks her – through her work > they go out > and spray water on one another > walk home > don’t kiss > next weekend go away to a farm together (!) > do it > it’s “wow” + she looks like a total babe wrapped in farm blankets with hay in her hair > then he finds out she is preggo (!) > they argue > then get over it > then decide they should date >lots more perfect sex > robes loosely thrown around the apartment – so that they always have something available to cloth themselves with > they break up > she goes into labor > they get back together > the end

The facts as I see them:

  • Cheesy pick up lines only work on the idiots – not the sassy pretty people
  • If someone followed me round for a day, and then proceeded to stalk me via my mobile/ workplace- I wouldn’t find this endearing – I would get a restraining order.
  • “In real life, sex is messy..” Thank you, Ryan Gosling
  • Your hair never looks total sex kitten afterwards
  • Its not all abstract close ups and rainbows
  • Nor does anyone ever (conveniently) have a robe right next to their bed.
  • The End.

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