Arclight – who are youuuuuu?


ARCLIGHTI liked and reposted this to Soundcloud a little bit ago, and now – going back through all these things, here it is. It’s always some nice insight into my mind to look through what I have liked and reposted on Soundcloud. If you get a handful of disco in a row – my mood was elevated that day, READ: it was probably a Thursday/ Friday.

Anyway! There is something really jamming about Arclight’s Tumble Down. I nothing much about the band for a few reasons:

  1. There is very little on the internet (only a facebook page?)
  2. I don’t have time to play detective.

That said – long hair don’t care – this one makes me feel pretty bloody good. It could be the backing track to be honest, but all in all feels really nioce.

Just as an FYI, nioce is how bogan Australians pronounce nice. That was actually a typo – but I figure we can work a bit of eduction into these posts.

You’re welcome.



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