ANR does Rachel Goodrich – and it’s amazing


I fucking love ANR – I love them like the most. Like RAC and ANR are my all time fav dj’y type people at the moment. I think it is because they remix the best songs and just make them feel like summer.. For ANR I believe this is because they are in a constant state of summer – living in Miami.

AND – you know what – this suits me fine, because I miss summer. I loath not having it year in year out, and I loath those people that tell me to “Just drive over the bridge” Mainly because, arseholes – I don’t have a car, so how do you expect me to “just drive over the bridge”?

Anyway – my answer to this is to rug up at my desk so that it FEELS like summer – and then just listen to summer jams – like this one.

Thank you ANR for doing a version of Rachel Goodrich’s Light Bulb..

I fucking LOVE IT via ANR’s twit/ All Things Go


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