Anna Higgie – the mistress of illustration.


So – I went to school with some pretty remarkable people. You know those people that end up being famous – and you are all like, “yeah – I went hiking in Nepal with them (them – because you should hear both songs)”. Or, “Yeah I saw them perform at a gold coin donation concert – and at the time, thought they were terrible”

And it’s sort of fascinating really – because these people, are famous. Well, Australian famous – so like ‘E’ list American famous – but still. FAMOUS. To be honest – this makes me feel cool, by association. I know I haven’t made it, I work in an office – and write a god damn blog – but I can say “Hey – yeah I know that person” and that’s kind of cool, in a name dropping sort of way.

So the above illustrations were done by a girl I went to high school with back in 90’s/2000’s – and aren’t they fucking fabulous. Was looking through her work weeks ago – and thought this deserves a cultured blog post – because this shit is great. Now, I’m not one to really talk about art, I mean – I like it, can’t really do it. But like it.

So just appreciate all that is Anna Higgie – and go to her blog/ web page/ etsy (buy something, now)



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