And we’re back.. with Battlekats (formerly Just a Number 05272011)


Just a number 05272011 has changed their name.. Battlekat is the new name of the band we love and adore with the very little info writen about them.. Anywhere..

I believe this is a new number from them, I don’t think I have heard THE PAIN before. I am loving it.. Like really truly, makes me rock at my desk. And when I say rock, I don’t mean like rock out – that would be pretty lame. I mean like I am rocking.. actually, like a crazy person..

I think that maybe I should incorporate a head bob, so that my coworkers don’t suspect me of going through bouts of neg, but assume I am in fact rocking to music..

Hmm – anyway, I love this mystery band now known as Battlekat. I just want to pick them up, put them in my pocket and perhaps have a quick roll around with them. I mean, come on – who DOESN’T love a good roll around.

I wouldn’t say no.


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