American’s – here’s another life lesson for you, ARE YOU READY?

So – Americans. Here is a tip for Saturday – instead of Pandora – try listening to Triple J. you can stream it from Australia, live.
Now I know how much you hipsters love your NPR(?) and maybe streaming student radio from places like NYC and Austin – but think about the joys of streaming indie radio from that little place I call home.
  1. The announcers have this the Australian drawl – so they are all “g’day, how you going? – lets listen to a bit of music, mate” totally hot
  2. You will be hearing the same shit you hear here – but then with more Australian music thrown in – so this will make you probably 25% cooler with your friends. knowing underground, relatively unknown Australian bands = babe status
  3. The news is a total trip – it’s sort of like almost primitive people news. Just now top news stories were as follows: man takes police on a 7 kilometer foot chase – jailed // a swiss couple have been apologized to by the maldives (yes the whole country) because they thought the person presiding over their cermony was blessing them, when in fact he was abusing them with such insults as ‘swine’ and ‘infidel’
  4. Often they play Australian Hip Hop – which is totally funny – I mean can you image (the late) Steve Urwin rapping..?
So – do yourselves a favor – and listen to a little station I call Triple J – even if just for a week, give it a go – maybe you will like it. And then you can thank me, to which I will graciously reply –

you’re welcome.


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