American Royalty, I am Australian Royalty – wanna join forces?


OK – so now that I have left SXSW – I am finding all this banging music that was there, that I missed. Now, you know, I get it.. You can’t see everything. But FUCK. Like FUCK.

Latest obsess..? American Royalty. I fansy their management (Guns in the Sun – who I secretly/ not so secretly want to work for) – and today, they posted something about their little band (condescending, I know)

And you know what? I AM LOVING IT.

Like makes me all sorts of movements at my desk. All sorts of “I want to get my drink on”. All sorts of “I want to just go out there and white girl dance”..

Which then makes me sad – because I’m headed to Vegas this weekend, don’t get me wrong this is awesome – but there will be no sassy music there.. Just your regular American club bangers.. which I don’t love.. But I know you Americans love a good old bit of “Like a G6” and sweaty grinding – so I wont judge you for that, too much.

Listen below – and just immerse yourself in American Royalty.. (go to their Bandcamp, and buy their shit for a fiver – well worth it X)

I have two middle names boys – this makes me (Australian) royalty – let’s conquer and destroy..?


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