American radio stations are bloody heinous


We have just spent the weekend at Squaw Valley, and not even short of a lie I have only heard about 6 songs on the radio since leaving SF on Friday.

Americas fav songs ATM:

  1. Ke$ha your love
  2. Like a G6
  3. Revamp of Time of my Life (think Dirty Dancing)
  4. Rihanna + Drake
  5. Rihanna What’s my Name (does any one else think this is a total date rape song, what’s my name – really?)

You know – I get it, you want people to listen so you play the popular songs, but seriously I have heard each of those songs about 4 times each (minimum)

Makes me want to scratch my ears off. And we are only 1.5 hours into the estimated 6 hour drive home.

Kill me, now.


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