(American) Drunk = Australian tipsy.


It all gets a bit pathetic really, from my stand point mainly.. I was having a conversation with a mate the other day  about being out for a few drinks – and I had to define how much I had had to drink. and I felt like a massive alcoholic – because to define my state I said to my Australian friend “I was pretty drunk, well American drunk – Australian tipsy” – I mean I woke up the next morning  at 7:30 and did shit all day, and then went out that night.. if I was a hot mess, I would have spent the whole day in bed and likely ordered a pizza.

The other thing about the USofA is that they think everyone has a drinking problem.. I updated my Facebook status the other day to say “Lucy is drinking alone, like the alcoholic she is.” I received 4 thumbs up – 3 of which were Australian, one Danish. The Americans, want to have me committed.

Personally I think it would be rude not to develop a substance abuse problem in San Francisco – the booze is just so cheap/ strong, how can I say no?


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