Amanda Seyfried.. UBER BABE.. factual


Amanda Seyfried – babe (fullstop). I didn’t see her in Mamma Mia – frankly I didn’t care to. But I did see her in Big Love – and she is just delicious. Now – I get it, Big Love is about polygamy etc. etc. but that doesn’t make it any less of a show. I watch shows on vampires for christsake.. Let’s not get to worked up in this stuffs content.

The thing about A.S is that she looks so goddamn innocent.. And then you are like – hold on a second – you are possibly one of the hottest people on the planet and those looks generally aren’t saved for nice girls.. Right? She looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth – and you know, I have read interviews with her, and it probably wouldn’t. But isnt there just something so delicious about considering the fact that she may or may not be the devil incarnate..

And the thing about Amanda is that she is not your skinny bitch please that I generally admire/ adore.. She is like Hollywood glamor, with epic tits and all. Oh – to be Hollywood glamor.. To be any sort of glamor would actually be pretty amazing. With the wide set, enormous blue eyes, the blond locks that I would literally die for and that ivory skin – that doesn’t make her look sick, but more porcelain like (gah!).

Amanda Seyfried – if I could look like anyone on the planet.. It would be you. Friends?


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