Always a soft spot, for the Australian market


So – here we are. Sitting up listening to music, when I should be getting ready. Life is hard. Sometimes. Was JUST browsing the Face when I stumbled across Fly from Nantes – a Sydney group, I think. I kind of like it. I mean it sort of sounds like LCD Soundsystem, that one song – from the Sound of Silver soundtrack. But it’s still kind of amazing, in a way that might be biased > because they are my people. LIKE MY PEOPLE!

Was brought to attention by this group of Aussie guys (I think, they write like guys – but really just a guess), who post about cool shit going on and around Australia/ Melbourne, name is I OH YOU. I kind of love them. To be fair, I am not really sure what their deal is. I think they do parties, and promo music/ creative stuff – but they seem to be all over the shop, fingers in many pies > in a purely metaphorical way.

YA-YA-YA – go fan both groups, be it Nantes and/ I OH YOU, you’ll thank me (you’re welcome)


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