ALTA – makes me shimmy and a shake.


ALTAA great start to your day is ALTA. The start of the week is always a hard one, where did the weekend go? Every Monday I think this. And every Monday I decide next weekend I’m not drinking, and I’m going to be soooo productive. I always do, and I never am.

Stay Awhile was sent to me yesterday by a mate and I’m firmly getting around the Australian duo who is ALTA. There is something so fucking soulful about homegirls voice, it makes me sink that little bit further in without much hesitation.

Greatest thing about this group? The entire EP is up for grabs on their bandcamp, and for free. Well, not exactly free – but name your own price. So if you are a tight arse, and want some new music. Hit that – legally.

Or – flick ’em a fiver. Result.



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