Al DANTE is exactly what this is.


I get that’s not right (Al dente – I’m cultured, mostly). But – Dante is good. He is soft AND luscious. With almost a Caribbean’esque feeling. I don’t even know how that’s possible – but somehow it just is… I think maybe it’s his voice SLASH accent.

I managed to find very little on Dante, no facebook page, no tweety bird – but I did find a Swedish interview, where he suggests that with items of romance he goes straight in, with a no regrets/ nothing lost = nothing gained attitude. And that my friends is fucking delightful. Call me a romantic, or just call me plain ridiculous – but the 6 words he uses makes my little heart sing “It feels sad to be careful.” Please, sweep me off my feet?

I have a feeling this is Swedish pop music.. like One Direction? Not sure – but long hair don’t care, I still swoon for it.

Next to You does all sorts of weird things to my insides, which I can’t figure out if I’m fully on board with, yet. But much in the same vein that HAIM used to make me weep, openly. The uneasy will pass.

Hit DANTE, and quietly love our week that is Nordic.

MEANWHILE: playing the Reeperbahn Festival (Hamburg) – I haven’t got too district on us yet.. But maybe this is a good time.


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