Again – late to the party, but I made itt. Wanna dance?


Ok – so new tracks from Germany Germany. Love of my life, internet friend, and all round cool Canadian – has released two new songs, which are sort of beautiful. Now, I don’t use that word lightly, fabulous – wonderful – great – sick – they are all loosely used words.. But beautiful is a word I save for Justin Biebz type moments, when I really mean it.

I am sort of obsessing over Take Your Time – it makes me feel like I’m about to be in a race in the Olympics – you know from like the 80’s. It’s hopeful, progressive and just all round divine. And I use the imagery of the Olympics because don’t you think it is the pinnacle of sportsmanship – that is a lifetime achievement – that is where true athletes duel, for greatness. It’s patriotic, it’s in the spirit, the only thing I think it sort of supports is racism – but lets move on from that, and forget I ever brought it up. People come together, we sing each other national anthems – and we cheer.

Drew, your songs make me feel like an Olympian.. That’s a pretty big deal. (Download HERE, fan him HERE, and tweet with him HERE)


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