Adrienne Drake is luscious on the ears


Oh it’s a day of creeping, a WEEK of creeping (I hope!) Located Adrienne Drake via yvynyl, which I am ashamed to say I do not check often enough. Seriously kind of amazing.

I don’t know much/ anything about Adrienne Drake – apart from the fact this person/ group is some how affiliated with Hooray for Earth – which, if I am honest, is where I found this link out to yvynyl. Joint effort of recommendations, really.

It’s funny my housemate had words with me some time ago about how I shouldn’t put music up here, and that I should just stick with ranting. Because music is personal – and that is what sites like pitchfork are for… I sort of think that ranting is somewhat personal. And that me throwing this out into the webs for consumption is really not that intrusive, and possibly something people want to find.

So, reader friends when I tell you that this is sick, and you should listen – or else I’ll hate you. I wont hate you, I don’t care if you like it.. But if you don’t, don’t like the post, visit the site or generally give a shit. I mean that goes for pretty much everything in life, right?

Hit play – and stream a Light From the Middle of Nowhere, RIGHT FROM THIS POST.. genius


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