Adios America! Hallo Deutschland!


I’m going to claim it, I started off treating this blog much like facebook timeline – before there was ever such a thing. Life events came here, music I liked came here, and now I can track all the business that has happened over the last 2 years all due to my narcisistic behaviors > win.

Today – we say bon voyage to the USA and hallo hallo to Germany (by way of London for a couple of weeks). I will miss all the colorful people I managed to document with my iphone, and probably the friends I made > but shit’s so global now, I’m sure I will see you all, all over the world. Especially your clever exports with the sneakers, pulled up socks, shorts, tucked in shirts, fanny packs and group flags touring any and every major city out there.. CAN’T WAIT!

It is now life immatiting art > and Lucy is actually versing the globe, by way of Ze Germans.

Hang onto your knickers, or Schlüpfer! (?)

Nena – 99 Luftballons


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