ACE & TATE keeps you 20/20 without the hefty price tag


This last month I did a handful of things with my dad: went to the circus, visited the Berlin Philharmonie, trekked around Teufelsberg, ate a lot of food and bought my dear old dad a new pair of glasses; and actually this last activity had the greatest effect on me.

I have good vision, I do not need glasses – not to say I don’t want them, because sometimes I believe people think I am stupid and glasses might harden me up – make me a bit more serious…but I don’t need glasses. What I did not realise is how fucking expensive glasses are. Really. 250€ for the frames and if you have terrible eye sight (like my father) it can be up to 360 PER LENS… WHAT-THE-FUCK.

And that’s when I found Ace & Tate. This Dutch eyewear brands general ethos is: We design quality frames at a fair price, so you can continuously update your eyewear. And actually – that’s not a load of horse shit.

Ace & Tate’s glasses are 98€, which includes the prescription lenses. Think about for a second – 98€ for glasses and lenses… Any way you slice that, that’s a fucking steal. The only thing is you mostly have to buy these on the internet, which I believe is problematic. Often what you think will look good, doesn’t and then it starts to get rather expensive if you need to buy multiple pairs to find your perfect match.

That said ! I’m told Voo Store stocks Ace & Tate for you to try on, and order online with a discount code.


**This was not a sponsored post, I genuinely think this is a financial saviour for those who need glasses and.. the more you know !


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