Absofacto – what does that even meannnnn? Care not – because it’s e-p-i-c.


If this isn’t a feel good number – I don’t know what is. Lately when I have been listening to music I see scenes. Like live things happening in the head that is obviously over imaginative.

This one makes me think of a hot days that start at 8A and go through to the sun coming up the next day – still hot. It’s all about summer dresses, guys in shorts, and me – with a drink in my hand, but never sloppy. Oh to never be sloppy!!

I can’t even remember where I trolled this number from – but the tab remained open in my browser which generally means I want to write about it.. The group is Absofacto the song is Lies and to be (Anne) frank…

It makes want to embrace almost anything, with feeling.


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