About me?


So – just thinking this morning, because I woke up early and have been staring at the ceiling for the last 2 hours – I used to be a loser. I read over some of my sent emails from when I had a hotmail (you could totally categories life by that standard – pre-hotmail, circa hotmail, post-hotmail..) anyway – circa hotmail, I was a fucking loser. I’m sure its not my fault – I mean I was young and dumb, but there was a lot of thinking and feeling which, frankly, was completely unnecessary..

Here’s 5 things you need to know about me now:

1. I drink vodka soda
2. I don’t do my own laundry
3. I need a coffee in the morning
4. I like to drive
5. I have an obsession with shoes – even if I cant really wear high ones.

It’s really not that crazy – the five I picked to share – I mean, there isn’t very much you can do with them.. But that’s what’s up.

Maybe I’ll pick another 5 next week, and week by week it will be like playing hang man – slowly appearing etc.


About LUCY

Femme of sass, sometimes.