ABADABAD – your name is frustrating to type, but you sound so good.. boo.


First day of summer – and what a delicious intro. It’s like ridiculously hot in SF at the moment – which means it is around 80’F/ 28’C (ish – I’m totally guessing right now, they might not even sync up.) This sort of weather makes me want to drink wine, with ice blocks and fizzy water.. That’s right, this privately educated kid gets bogan when the sun strikes..

Problem with this is, I want to go sit at somewhere like Beretta and drink this wine/ soda combo.. And like fuck they are going to serve it to me… Seriously, I mean they wont even make me an espresso martini when I ask – and I am sort of a regular..

Anyway – with the intro to summer – comes the intro to music that makes you want to ditch work and sit in a park drinking forties, or the aforementioned mixed drink.. Just today, I have decided I might drink to much, when I drink.. So I am thinking I might need to stop fantasizing about alcoholic beverages with the touch of summer, and maybe think about swimming or bike riding.. Then maybe I will be productive towards a beach body, rather than counter productive with dark beers, and fatty wines..

SO – on point, was pointed towards ABADABAD by BIRP.fm’s blog > and as they/ he so accurately posted “If I skateboarded, I feel like I would skateboard to these songs.” I totally agree! I have been saying for weeks that I want my coworker to teach me how to skateboard, I feel like this is something missing from my life. Although – he keeps telling me I would eat shit all the time if I were to learn. And I really don’t like falling over, so this may not be the sport for me.. Not to mention I can barely keep my balance in high heels, so I am not entirely sure how this would work on a skateboard..

Enough about skateboards; this band is great, the blow song is fabulous, and you can download it all for free over at their Soundcloud.

GET AT IT …y’all.


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