ABADABAD – a band I genuinely love/ adore


I may or may not be one to throw these statements around rather heavy like. I say it to many mates, ones that are on current rotation:

  1. {insert name}, I adore you
  2. {insert name}, I cherish you
  3. adore/love/cherish etc. -you
  4. You’re actually amazing

Now – I never used to throw these around. And I don’t know that I necessarily do that now (throw them around), as I truly mean it. But I can see that sometimes it feels dramatic on the BLOGG. I know, I can’t love/ adore/ cherish etc. all bands. But sincerely – I really do love ABADABAD. Why? I don’t know. It might be the talky singing nature of their music. It could be that they are just a bunch of nice guys from New York, who I would like to get to know, maybe wear the tshirt.

Either way – I am loving Indiana. It just makes my little angsty heart melt.

Take me with you, maybe we can love/ cherish/ adore etc. each other (as mates)?


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