A TALE OF TWO CITIES: What’s Up Weekend? 13 – 19 March 2014


With both Lucy & Bron back on home turf for the next few weeks, we’ve decided it only makes sense to bring Melbourne to the world, and feature a few parties we’re excited about back here. In Melb? Join us and say Hallo! Can’t make it? There’s still a bucketload on in the DE. A big s/o to our Melb correspondent Emelyne Khor for keeping us in the loop.

In keeping with the Australiana theme, we’re excited to have Mornington Peninsula-based, Selwyns Fault Rosé bringing you this intercontinental What’s Up Weekend (and delicious rosé) for the next two week. Wine kisses! X

Below are some of the events we are recommending for the week ahead in Berlin & Melbourne. Each of them is either highlighted with a:

Bron loves it! – more electronic, than not.
Lucy loves it! – more indie boy band/ pop vibes/ not techno.
Everyone loves it! – 2.5 words: shit’s ACE.
DE  – one for the Berlin massive
AU – things Melbourne should get around

***DISCLAIMER: these aren’t the only discos that are going on – they are just the ones that stand out.


COLONIA NOVA (DE) – Everybody loves it!

Feeling a little short changed by the balmy Winter? Not down with these Frühling vibes? Haute Presents… A Winter’s Day is here to help! Hell, even for the sun-worshippers like us (Lucy & Bron), we could totally get around an indoor winter scene created by local artists. Throw in jazz and cocktails and wir sind da (in spirit). Neukölln exhibition space Colonia Nova will be transformed into a Winter’s Day ℅ of a number of artists (head to the event page for more detail), with the exhbition kicking off on Thurs and running until Sund. Jazz band Auserdem will be providing the tunes on this opening night, and dressing with a hint of 1920s glamour is also encouraged – get around the wintery old fashioned vibe.



THE MERCAT (AU) – Bron loves it!

Was für ein coincidence – following an appearance at Adelaide’s Unsound with his Trio, Berlin techno king Mortiz von Oswald is also in town and this Freitag plays The Mercat, thanks to local party makers Animals Dancing. It would be safe to assume that the man behind Basic Channel, Maurizio, Rhythm & Sound and so so viel mehr, will put on an excellent show – and this looks set to be a popular one. He’ll be joined by locals Tornado Wallace, Andee Frost & Otologic. If you’re keen, don’t miss out – buy a ticket.


GRETCHEN (DE) – Bron loves it!

Meanwhile in Berlin, Gretchen get’s it’s Phantasy Sound on, with a takeover from the Erol Alkan lead label. What we’re particularly excited about is the inclusion of label mate and 2013 master of awesome, Daniel Avery. There’s his consistently interesting Rinse FM shows (most recent bundle of bangers, over here). And, well, many months & countless listens after the release of Drone Logic and we’re still all over it. In short – we think his set should be more than worth the visit to Gretchen. Resident Delfonic and The Sexinvaders will also be joining them. Get around it/them.


Also worth checking out:

FARBFERNSEHER (DE) – Teleport with Emika (dj set), DJ N>E>D – MEHR INFOS

PRINCE CHARLES (DE) – Early: T Room Sessions with Boris, Oliver Deutschmann – MEHR INFOS

PRINCE CHARLES (DE) – Late: Studio Barnhaus with Axel Boman, Petter – MEHR INFOS


BONEY (AU) – Everybody loves it!

As part of Red Bull Music Academy’s club series, this month sees veteran beat-maker DJ Vadim leading the charge at Boney this Sat evening. The Russian-born legend will likely be previewing a selection from his upcoming 2014 releases, and hopefully this little number,  full of so much summer we could just about burst. Support comes from Australia’s RBMA graduate Dizz1, Tigermoth (live) and Bevin Campbell. AND SHIT’S FREE. But you’ll need to sign up – hurry over here.


Also worth checking out:


OHM (previously Shift) (DE) – DJ Stingray – MEHR INFOS

BERGHAIN/PBAR – Andrew Weatherall, Fiedel (live), Ryan Elliott, Luke Slater, Robert Hood, Norman Nodge, Marcel Fengler, Virginia, Maceo Plex, Scuba – MEHR INFOS


SECTION 8 (AU) – Bron loves it!

While Berlin is still a month or two off true open air season, Melbourne could almost pull this shit off all year round – and March, with it’s mostly 20+ temps is kinda perfekt for these al fresco vibes (*). Love a day party as much as we do? This Sunday’s Section 8 Laneway Party looks delicious. As part of their 8th birthday celebrations, this Melbourne fave are sprawling out onto Tattersalls Lane for an ideal Sunday sesh – kicking off at 3pm, winding up at 11pm and not charging you a cent. Huzzah! Selectors for the day include Kirkis, Rat & Co , Otologic, friendships, DJ Agent 86, MISTY NIGHTS DJs, and lots more. And don’t forget to wish them a Happy Birthday.

(*I’ve chosen to ignore sporadic summer storms – let’s not ruin the pretty picture)


Also worth checking out:


REVOLVER (AU) – Summer Series Closing Party with Move D – MEHR INFOS 

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