A quick and concise SUMMER playlist


So – I have a visa appointment on Friday. Which is sort of like an interview, but it might be with someone who doesn’t speak my language as a second language, and unfortunatly I don’t speak theirs as first. So in preparation of dealing with Germans who are infinitely scarier than almost any other nationality in the first place – I have been procrastinating.

I made a play list. It’s sort of getting me through my day, and that’s a good thing – I guess. although it’s not really getting me any closer to my goal of being ready for my appointment with a no-nonsense bureaucratic Frau.

The track list is as follows:

† Blue Boats — Summer’s Down
† Yuno — Sunlight
† Milano Sun – Vertigo
† Teengirl Fantasy — EFX ft. Kelela
† S W E A T S H I R T — Unicorn
† Highasakite — Indian Summer
† Le Galaxie — Love System (feat. Elaine Mai)
† Saint Lou Lou — Maybe You
† Heyerdahl — Mirage
† Mt. Wolf — Life Size Ghosts


Get among summer.



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