A POEM: To my 600th, Alexander


Alexander the 600th.For my 600th liker on the Facebook page, I said I would write a poem. Alexander was that 600th, it has taken me another 230 something fans to get it posted, and he didn’t click unlike… As a thank you, I photoshopped his head onto a lion.


Alexander your height is of many
But this is just science because you are from Germany.

I don’t know why you Deutschers grow so big
It’s like they feed you one too many a fig

You have pretty blond hair and smart looking glasses
I’m sure you have many a femme who make their passes

Femmes in Germany wear sensible shoes
I think it’s because they’ve nothing else to choose.

You were number 600 on the Facebook page
We are now at 830 something I’m really sorry this delay would’ve made me rage.

I’m going to Photoshop your face onto an animal
Because it’s what i can do – at an absolutely minimal.

Yes, I’m terrible at poetry.

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