A few notes between California & Texas


Music – Liking mostly Indie artists is actually sort of annoying, because they only ever release EP’s > which means like 5 songs per release. Which means that you need to think about the music all the time.. Thinking is not what I want on holidays. Ever.

Time change  – driving across the country is kind of a mind fuck with time zones. I mean you wouldn’t normally think about this as you just get on a plane – turn your phone back on, and TA-DAAAA you are in the right timezone. Thank you Apple product/ the internet. However when you are travelling across the US by car and you go through States like Arizona > it kind of gets at you. Arizona sometimes recognises the timezones, then sometimes doesn’t – THEN goes into daylight savings mode > killer. And then when you are driving and you plan out your day with activities, and a time zone hits > actual disaster.

Colorado city stinks – It’s weird, I’m kind of weirdly open minded to polygamist, I think it’s because I like Big Love and they are cool. However I drove through Colorado City which is a major polygamist comune and that place stinks. Like seeping through the car stinks, like – nothing I have ever smelt before stinks. this is just a notion, and I might be wrong > but perhaps if that shit smelt better, there would be a more positive association with Polygamists, and then perhaps we could all get along?

Roadtrip snacks – I have worked out if you eat oranges and walnuts (at the same time) it tastes like cake. You’re welcome.


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