a few notes from the VMA’s


  1. Chelsea Handler – funniest person on earth. yes – planet earth
  2. Gaga is emotional – not sure how I feel about that.
  3. Justin Bieber is good for teenagers – he makes them dance. Kids should fist pump more
  4. I have a crush on Bieber – because he is like baby baby ohh.
  5. The above is illegal. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it
  6. Like the fact that Deadmau5 is playing during the breaks – way to sass out VMA’s
  7. Usher is one smooth operator.. Biebs leader, love it.
  8. I have a marginal obsess. with Kim Kardashian – perhaps the whole family – but she was on earlier in the show – I <3 her. YES. YES. YES
  9. I don’t understand the love for Eminem.. Don’t love. At all
  10. Florence and the Machine – rocked the chain. Made me snaps of the happy to see her perform.
  11. Disappointed Kanye didn’t sing Power. Yep

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