A clever remix – is a good Thursday made.


Can you believe it’s Thursday?! This week has gone so quickly – makes my stomach turn from a bit sickness, and bit excitement. I know that people are all like – don’t will your life away, cherish – rah rah rah. But I’m amp’ed about it’s speed. I have all sorts of exciting events coming up – which I wish would HURRY UP!

Jinja Safari – they are Australian, we have done this before. I even think we might have done this song.. Regardless, this is the remix (by Butcher Blades/) – and I’m INTO IT. It’s totally powering my Thursday – which frankly needs it.

Let’s move 24h – I’ve got FRIDAY to get through.

Jinja Safari – Hiccups [Butcher Blades/ Icecream Nightmare Remix]


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