7 minutes in Heaven: BRETON


So – I have actually never played 7 minutes in Heaven. I sort of feel like it is something the movie industry made up to make frigid teenagers feel shit about themselves.

When I was a frigid teenager, pretending not to be terrified of being asked to “get” ..as Australian’s so elegantly put it (and yes they would ask “Wanna get?”), I don’t think I could think of anything more terrifying than 7 minutes in a closet with {insert latest infactuation here}. However, if I’m honest – I would kill a quick 7 minutes of lip locking and some innocent face stroking.

OK-so, I have never had the pleasure of “7 Minutes in Heaven”, until now – sort of – with the entire band of Breton.

Last week on Twitter I requested interview questions for no-one in particular (..Breton). Which somehow got confusing. People thought I was wanting to interview them specifically, people wanted to know who it was all for, people were genuinely sorry they couldn’t come up with anything funny or witty at that time – I sort of thought “People (plural), this is really not that complex.” And mostly came up with my own questions.

The lads who front Breton are playing in Berlin Monday 8th Oct. My mate Bron and I are going. If you want to come – we will be grabbing multiple weis wines from the bar. Come say hi – we can have a photo together, I’ll instagram it. And if you are good looking, with an OK dress sense – I could be into a pash and dash, for sure.

Meanwhile! – the interview is below. Get around it.


LUCY: Do you have any hidden talents?
BRETON (answered by Roman): I can cook, and Ian can sew, Adam can skateboard, and Dan can do loads of kick ups.
LUCY: ..what are kick ups?

LUCY: Any guilty musical pleasures? – for example, mine is Mariah Carey circa 1995.
BRETON: Ryan really likes Katy Perry. A LOT.

LUCY: If your music were a famous person – who would it be slash why?
BRETON: Stephen Hawkins Stephen Hawking – because just when I feel like I’m beginning to understand it all, I get completely baffled.
LUCY: I think they mean Stephen Hawking.

LUCY: Are you partial to a quick pash and dash? And do you know what this means – most people are confused.
BRETON: Is it something to do with really fast kissing?
LUCY: No. Please reference here.

LUCY: Thoughts: monkeys that wear clothes – cruel OR cute? (thanks Malcolm Foster)
BRETON: As long as they get to choose their own outfits (and accessories) then it’s cute.

LUCY: If you could have a dinner party with anyone – who would it be? Mine is Obama, Beyonce and Jay Z – after I saw this picture.
BRETON: Mike Leigh, Will Self & Lemmy

LUCY: Tell us anything worthy of our attention.
BRETON: There’s a band called Toy that we played a show with in Austria last night. Also a photographer called Nic Shonfeld that we are into.



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